Crown Buffet: New kid (restaurant) on the block

Crown  Chinese Buffet has opened in the former Luby’s space on Fort Worth Avenue at Hampton.  At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a place for us Oak Cliff hipsters, e.g., lots of fried food, processed sauces,  and all-you-can-eat.  But give it a chance, particularly if you have hungry teenagers in the family.

It does have grilled veggies (you will have to pick them from the fried meat dishes), sushi, steamed rice, shrimp and other items that can form the basis of a healthy meal.  There are a large variety of chicken, pork and beef dishes, all with tasty sauces, and the egg drop and sweet and sour soups were good.  Finally, who could resist the soft serve ice cream topped with bananas or other fruit.  Not a place to take friends from north of the river but definitely a place where I think everyone could find some dishes to like.

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  • I meant to point out that there is lots of parking, including for bikes, and the staff is very friendly. 

  • Yes, Crown Buffet lacks mixologists, re-purposed wooden pallets or “local” anything, and its posted prices are shown as “$8.49” instead of a simple “9”, and, on our visit, Nancy Grace was yelling from wall-mounted flatscreens; but the variety of flavorful offerings makes up for a lack of cool, and this could be the go-to place for hispsters with hangovers or when your Aunt Marge visits from Mesquite.  We enjoyed it, and while we would have rather seen an Eatzi’s, say, in the space, it’s better than an empty Luby’s. Oh, and there is plenty of bicycle parking.         

  • Why isn’t this a place to bring ” friends from north of the river” food is food. Really hate dumb ignorant statements like this.

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