Those murderous bank robbers from West Dallas had tons of guns. The late Ken Holmes told me Bonnie and Clyde obtained their arsenal by breaking into the National Guard Armory in Ranger.

Now two of those guns, Clyde Barrow’s 1911 Army Colt .45 and Bonnie Parker’s Colt Detective Special .38, are up for auction. They are estimated to sell for $150,000-$200,000 each.

Bonnie Parker’s .38 Special

Texas Ranger Frank Hamer was told he could have anything from the Bonnie and Clyde “death car,” where lawmen gunned the criminals down in Gibsland, La. in 1934. He found the .45 tucked inside Barrow’s waistband and the .38 taped to Parker’s thigh, according to this NPR story.

New Hampshire-based RR Auction is offering the guns and other Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia. Those include Barrow’s pocket watch, a coin taken from his pocket and an aspirin tin and a stocking belonging to Parker.

Also available is Dallas County sheriff Bil Decker’s 1917 Colt revolver and Ted Hinton’s deputy U.S. Marshal badge.