Lakewood, Kessler Park, Preston Hollow — none of those is the best neighborhood in Dallas, according to the Dallas Observer. No, the best neighborhood in Dallas, according to “Best of Dallas 2012,” is North Wynnewood.

“North Wynnewood is the best of ’50s cool architecture, beautifully maintained for decades by families who never moved, occupied now by a crowd that’s younger and more diverse but just as loyal to the neighborhood,” the weekly states.

It also states property values in the neighborhood are up nearly 60 percent over the past 10 years.

Oak Cliff was all over the “Best Of” list, which shouts out Oil & Cotton, the Texas Theatre, F. is for Frank, artist Erica Felicella, the Pin Show, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Barry Kooda’s sculptures at Artisans Collective, Barefoot at the Belmont, City Councilman Scott Griggs, the tennis courts at Lake Cliff Park, Brew Riot, Jeff Liles of the Kessler, the Houston Street Viaduct, the Cozy Cottage, Sweet 200, Studio 410, Bolsa, Mesa, Whitehall Exchange, Jonathon’s, Oddfellows, Bolsa Mercado, Ten Bells Tavern, Cafe Maya, Aunt Stelle’s, El Ranchito, The Foundry and Bar Belmont.

Not that we needed to be reminded, but it’s nice to see it in print. Oak Cliff is the best.