Evidently Mesa’s woes aren’t quite over as the Veracruz-style restaurant on Jefferson is considering a move to a trendier part of our neighborhood. The restaurant always receives great reviews, but they don’t get as many diners, the owners say, as restaurants less than a mile away in Bishop Arts.

Guiso del rey is one of the new menu items at Mesa.

Mesa moving to Bishop Arts would be sad for Jefferson Boulevard, especially considering that the Reyes family, which owns the restaurant, has done so much to the space, giving an old storefront an eye-catching makeover and adding a lovely patio.

Chef Raul Reyes recently released a new menu, which I was invited to taste last week.

New items include mole chicken enchiladas ($16), added to Mesa’s mole lineup of an enmoladas appetizer and a chicken mole entree. Mesa’s mole is possibly the best you could get at a restaurant in Dallas, so expanding that enterprise makes sense.

They also added guacamole with chips ($8.50), which had been an off-the-menu favorite with regulars.

My favorite dish on the new menu is the cochinita pibil, marinated pork roasted for hours at somewhere around 175 degrees. It costs $20 for a huge mound of this pork of the gods and is served with jasmine rice and back beans.

New cocktails ($8) on the menu include some seasonal treats, including one that comes with eggnog, spiced rum and ginger beer. Another, abuelitas cafe, is made with coffee-flavored tequila, tres-leches liquer, whipped cream and cherries.

The weather is perfect for sitting on the patio. And Mesa is not that far away, 118 W. Jefferson between Zang and Beckley. So make like Liz Lemon and go to there.