The first day of early voting 2012

And it was surprisingly busy when I voted at St. Luke’s near Samuell Grand in East Dallas about 9:45 this morning. One election judge I talked to said she expected a light day, and was very surprised to see the turnout. Ordinarily, there are one or two people there when I vote; today there were more than a dozen. But there were extra election workers, as well as extra voting machines.

Still, no one is quite sure if this year’s early turnout will equal that of four years ago, which set all kinds of records. Election officials are chalking it up to  what are projected one-sided races for Texas’ electoral votes for president and for the U.S. senate. But those, statewide, were one-sided four years ago.

And you know what? Even though I have been voting for almost 40 years, and even though I have cast ballots for some amazing bozos, I still enjoy doing it. Even get a kick out of it.

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