Next week marks the 49th anniversary of the JFK assassination in Dallas, and our neighborhood is commemorating the Dallas police officer who died that day. Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed J.D. Tippit less than an hour after the president was assassinated, according to the Warren Report.

While our city has a John F. Kennedy memorial, there has been nothing to honor Tippit. The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League and its past president Michael Amonett set out to change that. A historical marker dedicated to Tippit will be dedicated in a ceremony at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20.

The place where Tippit was killed, Tenth and Patton, is part of the Adamson High School campus now, and DISD donated the property for the marker. The Texas Historical Society donated $5,000 for the marker. J.D. Tippit’s widow, Marie, is expected to attend the ceremony.