Hattie’s celebrates 10th anniversary tonight

Sometimes it seems like things have been this way always. The Bishop Arts District is a vortex for shopping, restaurants and community celebrations in our neighborhood. We wouldn’t be the same without it. Strange its redevelopment happened only about 20 years ago.

And Hattie’s is only 10? It’s a landmark anniversary, but we can’t believe she’s so young!

The restaurant at Seventh and Bishop celebrates its 10th anniversary from 6-9 tonight, Monday, Nov. 26. The restaurant will be serving its signature Texas Cosmo, along with hors d’oeuvre prepared by Hattie’s new chef, Daniel Ikelman.

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  1. Daniel M. November 27, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    Hattie’s? Oh, XXXX, no.

    I brought my sister and brother-in-law to try out Hattie’s a couple months ago because my sister wanted to go to Dude, Sweet Chocolate, plus a co-worker had recommended Hattie’s. When we got there, the people in front of us in line were ushered in, but then we were told that there would be a three-hour wait … for us. No explanation, no suggestion; just a very clear expression that said: go away, please. And not only were we in our Sunday best, we had taken baths recently! So they have enough customers.

    Yes, I understand about reservations and I do understand that we did not have any. Maybe you had to be there to see The Glare and ensuing Stony Silence that we got.

    We went to Veracruz Café instead.

    I see that there is now a Dude, Sweet Chocolate near me, so there is one less reason to battle parking shortages — exacerbated by clothing trucks, really?! — in the Bishop Arts District. And I am someone who has worked, prayed, and played in North Oak Cliff for more than twenty years.

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