It’s the one with Santa Willie on the cover, page 40.

Texas Monthly’s Jordan Breal visited our humble burg for three days last month, and she says in her review, “I’m ready to change my zip code.”

Breal visited Bee Enchiladería, Oddfellows, Emporium Pies, the Belmont Hotel, Smoke, Eno’s, Hattie’s, the Kessler Theater, Dude Sweet Chocolate, We Are 1976, Neighborhood, Boulevardier, Bolsa Mercado, Lucky Dog Books, IndieGenius and M’Antiques.

At the end of her trip, she wandered over to taquería El Si Hay, “I decide that this may be my best meal yet,” she writes.

Here are a couple of Breal’s endorsements of Oak Cliff:

As I enjoy pork carnitas enchiladas aswim in a chipotle crema, I survey my fellow diners. There’s a pack of well-maintained ladies of a certain age, a young Spanish-speaking family, and a trio of tattooed dudes in skinny jeans. Already, I can’t help but be charmed by Oak Cliff’s laid-back vibe and cross-cultural appeal.

Factor in a new film festival and a new music festival, and you can see why Oak Cliff is often described as Big D’s Brooklyn.