Sorry, y’all, Oswald’s can is already sold, but the tub is still available.

The apartment building at 600 Elsbeth has been standing for 85 years, but it is famous for the four months in 1963 when presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald lived there with his wife and daughter.

Developer Jane Bryant bought the building in 2007 with plans to renovate it, but since then she has faced bureaucratic obstacles. Now the city has ordered her to demolish it by Nov. 30.

The Oswalds lived in a downstairs unit, No. 2. Bryant told the Dallas Morning News that she sold the apartment’s original toilet to someone who wanted it for his man cave.

Bryant is auctioning other architectural salvage from the apartment on eBay, including a phone cubby, a cast-iron bathtub, door numbers, windows and a staircase.

The DMN story has more details about Bryant’s ultimately failed struggle to renovate the building. She now plans to sell the property.

Bryant gives a tour of the apartment in this South Dallas News video: