There wasn’t enough room in November’s Oak Cliff Advocate for all of the interesting tidbits about the Wynnewood Boys. Here are a few more fun facts, as well as updates on where they are now:

• When the boys were growing up in Oak Cliff, they all attended different churches.

• There were other neighborhood kids (both boys and girls) who were associated with the group, but the five Wynnewood Boys were the ones who remained the core.

• Four of the guys are married. One of them doesn’t own a computer!

• Roy Martin was all-city quarterback in 1965.

• According to Steve Moreau, he and Martin did the “summer of love” trip to San Fransisco with their band in 1968.

What are they doing now?

• Larry Stevenson is a retired Red Oak school teacher and coach (39 years), now serving on the Red Oak City Council. He enjoys history and often finds himself cruising back into Oak Cliff, checking out old haunts and doing research on Oak Cliff structures and places. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas-Arlington.

• Roy Martin attended the University of Houston and East Texas State University (now Texas A&M-Commerce). He works for Reed and Associates and lives in Dallas.

• Steve Moreau is a Dallas Baptist University graduate who also attended Texas Wesleyan School of Law. After beginning his career with the Dallas Police Department, he currently works for the Dallas Marshal’s Office.

• Pat Eskew is a retired “equine” magazine publisher and marketing professional living in Colorado. He attended the University of Texas-Arlington and the University of North Texas.

• Retired aerospace engineer Tom Farmer is the former president of Military Engines at Pratt & Whitney and holds a BSASE from University of Texas-Austin and an EMBA from Harvard University. He lives in Florida.