‘Partyline’ gossip column from the Oak Cliff Tribune vault

History columnist Gayla Brooks wrote about the late Dorothy Fagg for her January column. The column mentions that Fagg’s foray into writing was as the “Partyline” gossip columnist for the Oak Cliff Tribune. Fagg’s daughter, Marilyn Pyeatt, sent us her write-up from Oct. 21, 1954. “It’s from one of the old-style glue/paste-in scrapbooks, which accounts for the splotches on the actual column, but I think the logo is in fair shape for being almost 60 years old!” Pyeatt tells us.

The column includes such juicy tidbits as, “Lucky Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Gruneisen are just now beginning to talk of a vacation. Going to Florida, too. The Gruneisens are the type that have fun wherever they are.”

And, “The Clyde Hopkins, Dr. and Mrs. P. Richardson, have just returned from a good trip to Canada, Niagara Falls and Cleveland. According to them, you have to see Niagara to believe in its magnificence.”

Our favorite is the ending of the column: “We appreciate all the kind words that you readers have to say about this column. Have had a few complaints that we should make it more gossipy.” (Apparently Fagg wasn’t the busybody type.) “You mean, like, ‘What attractive club president in Oak Cliff is reported to have a car to match each costume?’ Oh, please, girls, any one can tell you …”

Unfortunately, that’s where the scrapbook scan cuts off. Shoot — we’re just dying to know.

Party Line

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  1. Kmitchell January 15, 2013 at 10:39 AM

     Good to know, Scott, thanks!

  2. Schase January 15, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    The  Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts (Turner House) has scrapbooks and annual reports going back to the 1930s and there are many similar items in those records.

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