13.01.13 - Bishop Arts and the Kessler - Dallas, TX - Danny Fulgencio - 260 - Composite 1_LOWRES

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The Kesssler Theater installed this neon marquee at the end of December. The theater’s owner, Edwin Cabaniss, told the Dallas Morning News it took two years for the sign’s design to be approved for historical appropriateness. It is striking. Seeing the sign lit up, when the theater has shows, makes the whole block feel festive. It lets you know something special is going on in there.

We’re lucky to have this bit of vintage glamor in our neighborhood. On Broadway, most theaters have LED lights, The New York Times reports. The times recently put together this wonderful online graphic about that city’s neon lights. Photographer Kristen Hively has been documenting the neon lights of New York via iPhone for her Project Neon.

West Davis is soon to have a little less neon. Tejano restaurant is closed for renovations. And Safety Glass is moving to West Dallas.