True Crime: Burglary

Someone jimmied the window open.

The Victim: Deanna Waskom
Date: Saturday, Dec. 29
Time: Between 11 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Location: 3100 block of Rugged

Deanna Waskom and her family had been out of town for the holiday season. Plans called for a few nice days with friends and family in Arkansas. Then a call from their grandson shook them out of their festive, holiday mood.

Someone had broken into their home through a locked window, and made off with expensive electronics: a computer, digital camera and flatscreen TV. The loot totaled more than $3,000 in stolen property.

To make matters worse, Waskom works as a tax preparer each tax season and the computer that was stolen had much of her software. The burglary also happened right during the busy time of year for a tax preparer.

Waskom was still in Arkansas when she spoke with the Advocate, and the burglary was a major concern during what should have been a fun and relaxing time of year.

“We’re pretty devastated,” she says of the crime.

The Waskoms kept serial numbers and receipts of all the electronics that were stolen and hope that will help investigators track down their property if it is pawned.

Dallas Police Lt. Gil Garza of the Southwest Patrol Division says most home burglars are amateurs looking for easy targets. They look for homes that present the least risk of detection, the greatest opportunity for easy gain and the maximum potential for escape. Burglars look for homes that appear unoccupied and unprotected, without adequate locks and lighting, open or unlocked doors and windows and homes providing easy concealment from neighbors and passing motorists.

Garza urges residents to stay vigilant in taking security measures whenever possible to prevent becoming a victim. The Waskoms made a wise decision in keeping serial numbers and information about their electronics, he says.


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Counterfeit bill someone attempted to use to pay for gas at a Shell station on South Hampton Dec. 28



Counterfeit bill someone attempted to use to pay for gas at a Valero station on South Hampton Jan. 7



Counterfeit bill someone attempted to use to pay for groceries at Super Mercado Monterrey on West Jefferson Dec. 23


SOURCE: Dallas Police Department

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  1. Rebcantu11 January 22, 2013 at 7:05 PM

    We had our home burglarized also once 1 week before Christmas they also took a 42 inch tv and 2 computers and a brand new camera that I had bought and took pics of my sons wedding the weekend before. gave the detectives serial numbers but nothing  has been found. The sad part about it we bought another tv with the money we got from the insurance. but we got hit up again even the security alarm that we had installed for the first break in didn’t keep them away. Now we have installed gated screen doors and on windows also and a big wood fence. I feel like I’m living in a jail! We need to catch these thieves and punish them!!!

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