It looks like the botanica on Davis at Bishop has moved out. Not that a botanica is out of place in our neighborhood, but that always seemed like kind of a strange business to be right at the gateway of the B.A.D.

The building’s landlord, Amanda Cross, didn’t answer her phone when I called and hasn’t responded to a text message. There is no “for lease” sign, but most of the stuff from the botanica is gone and the store is almost empty.

The building’s mix of tenants has changed a bit over the past year or so. A tattoo shop replaced the skate shop. A makeup salon has taken the place of a beauty shop next to the Greek restaurant. Boomers on Bishop brought a unique retail concept to the district. Home on Bishop is one of a few home decor shops that have opened in Bishop Arts recently. Whitehall Exchange has added life to the corner of Davis and Seventh. And Flowers by Conde moved in after a fire destroyed the owner’s previous space on Madison.

What business would you like to see in the old botanica?