What is the future of the Alamo Plaza sign? You decide

Heather Ezell

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League put it on the 2012 list of our neighborhood’s most at-risk architecture. It’s a relic of the era when Fort Worth Avenue was lined with motels, and a reminder of the seedy old motel that was torn down a couple of years ago to make room for a retail/residential development.

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Sylvan | Thirty developer Brent Jackson has said he would like to reuse the sign somehow. But how to reuse a hulking lot of metal that’s hardly relevant to the re-imagined corner, which will be anchored by Cox Farms Market? He is asking for the public’s input to solve the problem.

From the developer’s website:

“We’re open to repurposing it, moving it somewhere else in West Dallas, donating it…nothing is off the table and all submitted ideas will be considered.”

A panel of artists and community members will choose the best idea.

Do you have an idea for the old giant? If so, submit it to jenny@coopersmithagency.com by April 1.

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  • Thanks for sharing the news. (I handle Sylvan Thirty’s PR.) To be clear, we have plans in development for using the sign on our site, which was our original intention. However, community members have come forward suggesting that we allow it to be used as public art to represent West Dallas and the Fort Worth Avenue corridor. As we’ve said before, we’re open to all ideas for breathing new, vibrant life into the sign and allowing it to benefit the greater West Dallas area.

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