4809870_300The two guys behind Pata Negra, the monthly película y paella party at the Texas Theatre, have plans to open a bookstore in Bishop Arts. The Wild Detectives would be a bookstore, record store, coffee shop cafe and bar at 314 W. Eighth. The Dallas Morning News reports that the two civil engineers from Spain, Javier Garcia del Moral and Paco Vique, are planning to begin construction “in a couple of weeks.”

Opening just in time for summer break is School Class, a nonprofit that invites each one to teach one, and with drinking. The school will offer free (donations accepted), byob classes taught by members of the community. What kind of classes?

Founder John Neal explained it to Central Track:

“I am curious to see what ideas people will have,” Neel says before rattling off a list of local artists he’s already booked to teach various classes. “Bruce Webb wants to teach ‘Hobo Graffiti.’ My friend Mattson is going to teach ‘Sailing.’ Brian Green, I am sure, will teach something nice and dark.”

The School Class grand opening party and official registration is from 5-10 p.m. Saturday, 1222 W. Davis.

The city has commissioned Oak Cliff-based artist Carlos Donjuan to create a mural under the Oak Cliff side of the Jefferson Street Viaduct. Donjuan is a founding member of the Sour Grapes collective. He is a Sunset High School graduate who teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington and Richland and El Centro community colleges.