John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens

John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens

Scene: Ten contestants stand on an overly produced stage while Mariah Carey and some lesser talents watch from the judges table. Cut to the contestants’ family members in the audience, who are tense and sweaty palmed, pressing their praying hands to their noses in anticipation.

Ryan Seacrest: “After the citywide vote, the winner of Kitchen LTO, round 1 … i-i-i-s … COEVAL STUDIO AND NORMAN GRIMM!!!”

Cue the confetti! Cue the pyrotechnics! Cue the tears!

Votes have been tallied for the first four-month manifestation of the city’s only permanent pop-up restaurant, Kitchen LTO. The winning designer, Coeval Studio, is owned by John Paul Valverde, a born-and-raised Oak Cliffer, and Miguel Vicens. The two also are the restaurateurs behind Outpost American Tavern and its predecessor, Campo.


Norman Grimm

The winning chef, Norman Grimm, most recently was executive chef at Acme F&B. His resume also includes a stint under chef Sharon Hage at the bygone York Street.

Grimm describes his concept as “modern French/American cuisine, highlighting on fresh seasonal ingredients with 23 years of dining exposure and techniques.”

Kitchen LTO founder Casey Caldwell says: “I’m excited to work with Norm because he has worked under some of the best in the industry.  He brings a passion for his craft that he wants to share and teach to others. I won’t be surprised to see him chef his own restaurant in the very near future.”

Their restaurant is expected to open Sept. 3.