A conceptual drawing for martini oysters from chef Adam Aschner

A conceptual drawing for martini oysters from chef Adam Aschner

The final contestants for Dallas’ first permanent pop-up restaurant are in, and everyone is asked to vote for their favorite chef and designer.

Among the concept ideas are small plates, New Orleans Cajun, “rustic radical,” modern American and modern French/American.

Adam Aschner, who has worked at Abacus, AquaKnox and the Fishbowl, describes his menu as “Modern variety small plates.”

“An ever-changing A-La-Carte menu of small plates and treats, ranging from sweets, hot, warm, and cold plates of every variety. Pick what you want to compose your meal!”

New Orleans native Darius Gibson’s concept is New Orleans Cajun cuisine, “all of the New Orleans favorites the way the locals eat them.” He wants his restaurant to have a French Quarter or Mardi Gras theme.

Justin Box, who lists the late Randall Copeland as a mentor, describes his concept: “I’m calling it Rustic Radical Cuisine!” And he says he would like his restaurant design to be “outlaw country.”

Matt Reddick describes his concept as “Modern American food with a jazzy twist.” He describes his philosophy on food as, “Rustic, keep it simple, not too refined.”

Norman Grimm’s concept is “Modern French/American cuisine, highlighting on fresh seasonal ingredients.” He claims to have once worked “6:30 a.m. – 2 a.m., seven days a week for five months straight.” Really?