Jefferson bike lane exit confusing at best


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Bikes must turn right. Pedestrians must yield to traffic. Bikes only. Bike lane ends. Stop.

Above is a photo taken Sunday of the exit from the Jefferson Street Viaduct bike lanes, looking toward Colorado. Tracks are being laid for a streetcar on the Houston Street Viaduct, which is closed to traffic. As work continues on that, traffic patterns have been reconfigured several times on the Oak Cliff side of the Jefferson bridge. And this recent change to the ingress and egress is confusing at best and possibly dangerous.

The path for cyclists to continue from the bike lanes is behind that orange-and-white barrier and in front of the blue portable toilet. To the left, between the yellow barriers and the orange cones, is the car lane. Since that barrier blocks the bike lane path, a cyclist will swerve into the car lane to get around the barrier. Like this:


Let’s hope that doesn’t happen at the same time as this:



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  • agreed. I do think the city has done about all they can do manage the construction with the realities of the situation. I’m more concerned with the end design of Houston where the expanded sidewalk is going to be a shared one for peds and bicycles.

  • I took video of this last Thursday I’ve been meaning to post. Definitely a safety concern. The barriers were even blocking the east bound cyclist from continuing on from the entrance of the cycletrack.

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