A scene from “Parkland” the movie.

Ready or not, the JFK assassination 50th anniversary is upon us. By Nov. 23, we won’t want to hear about it for another 50 years, but for now:

“Parkland,” the movie about the days following the assassination, which is based on Vincent Bugliosi’s “Four Days in November,” is receiving lukewarm reviews. The L.A. Times calls it “a movie of frustrating stumbles — blunders that diminish what might have been a brilliant film.”

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting story this past weekend about the journalists who covered the Kennedy assassination, but the story is behind the confusing non paywall deal. I guess I have to actually call customer service to get my password reset or something? If you’ve already done that, you can find the story under the JFK 50 landing page.

Or if you really want to kill time, you could listen to this three-hour Youtube of Oak Cliff-based KLIF’s broadcast from that afternoon. At around the 54-minute mark is the part where Gary DeLaune of KLIF, which was based in Oak Cliff, interrupts The Chiffons’ “I Have a Boyfriend.” DeLaune was the first person to broadcast the initial UPI report: “This KLIF bulletin from Dallas: Three shots reportedly were fired at the motorcade of President Kennedy today near the downtown section. KLIF News is checking out the report. We will have further reports. Stay tuned.”

Finally, in JFK news, Front Burner asks, “What’s the fun of a JFK assassination tour?”

In other news:

The Dallas Observer reviewed El Corazon de Tejas. Their favorite was the chips and salsa. Is it weird I miss the old salsa, though?