photoBetween 250 and 350 new apartments will be under construction at Tinity Groves next year and open in 2015.

The City of Dallas is at risk of being sued by HUD and could lose millions in federal housing dollars because of unfair housing practices. Among other civil rights violations, a 29-page HUD report contends that the city steers most of its low-income housing to southern Dallas. The mayor says he’s taking the allegations seriously but defended the city’s housing practices. Here’s what Councilmember Scott Griggs of Oak Cliff said about it in the Dallas Morning News:

Griggs, vice chairman of the council housing committee, said the HUD letter confirms the long-standing image of Dallas as a city divided between a northern sector for better-off people who can pay market-rate rents and a southern sector for low-income people who need rent subsidies.

“It sets up that in southern Dallas, we’re going to continue to put low-income housing, but when you get to the north we’re going to use the money that should be used for low- and moderate-income housing but find a way to create market rate.”

Turns out the new historical marker at the Texas Theatre is not quite accurate.

If the marathon is still on tomorrow, some bundled up cheerleaders will be out in full effect in West Dallas.

KERA has an interesting story about how women from affluent suburbs are turning up with heroin addictions after becoming addicted to prescription pain killers. The woman in this story now lives in Oak Cliff.