429780_257378824348996_1344806283_n Dallas Bike Works, which has a store at White Rock Lake, plans to open a second store this coming March in Oak Cliff.

The retailer leased a 4,000-square-foot space at 821 W. Davis. The space, which formerly housed Pepe’s Body Shop, is between Davis Street Espresso and CocoAndré Chocolatier.

David Spence of Good Space bought the Pepe’s building, the 1927 shopping strip that houses the chocolate shop and the Rose Garden, and a small church behind that strip earlier this year. In total, it comprises 20,000 square feet, and Spence calls it the Clinkinbeard Campus after its previous owners. Check out the Good Space Facebook page for details on Spence’s work there.

Spence says Dallas Bike Works will take possession of the building in January and could be open as early as March.

Spence says he is “smitten” with Dallas Bike Works owners Boyd and Katy Wallace, who have two small children.

“I think they’ll be very in tuned to the family oriented cycling market around here,” Spence says.

He says he asked four bike shops to move into the space and that Dallas Bike Works was the only one that accepted.

“I think Oak Cliff has the most vibrant cycling scene in Dallas, with the possible exception of White Rock Trail,” he says. “Oak Cliff deserves to have in-town Dallas’ best bike shop.”

Whoa! Hold the phone. Don’t we already have Dallas’ best bike shop in Oak Cliff Bicycle Co.? Why put a competing bike shop less than a mile away from a locally owned one?

“It’s certainly not any kind of a hostile move, but I needed a bike shop that could fill a 4,000-square-foot building, and Dallas Bike Works has an existing and successful store on that scale,” Spence says.

Dallas Bike Works’ motto is “Support your local bike shop.” So which is more local, Dallas or Oak Cliff?