Robert N. Jones of Imported Books: Danny Fulgencio

Robert N. Jones of Imported Books: Danny Fulgencio

Here’s more evidence that Walmart on Cockrell Hill actually could be the deepest circle of hell: Dallas police used a taser on a man they say was resisting to arrest there Wednesday after he was masturbating near the cash registers.

Alta West Davis, the upscale apartment complex at Rosemont and West Davis that opened last year, has sold to a North Carolina investor.

We reported a year and a half ago that 90-year-old “Uncle Robert,” Robert N. Jones, planned to close our neighborhood’s oldest book store, Imported Books at Clarendon and Oak Cliff Boulevard. So far, he’s still around, and everything is still half price. Jones is 91 now and KERA ran a story about him this week.

The Associated Press ran a story about how to have fun in Dallas without spending a lot of money. Here’s our part, from Newsday:

The Oak Cliff neighborhood, located just southwest of downtown, includes the Bishop Arts District with an array of restaurants and independent shops to browse. The Oak Cliff area also is still home to several sites linked to the assassination of Kennedy, from the rooming house where Oswald lived in the weeks leading up to the assassination to the spot where he shot and killed Dallas police Officer J.D. Tippit, to the still-functioning Texas Theatre where he was arrested.

A scenic way to connect to Oak Cliff from downtown is with a drive over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The steel bridge that opened in 2012 links downtown with West Dallas, where there’s a burgeoning redevelopment along Singleton Boulevard. To continue into Oak Cliff, head south.