photoA handful of neighbors turned out for an update on the Dallas Horseshoe Project at Methodist hospital Wednesday, most of them East Kessler residents, whose neighborhood is surrounded by road construction and resulting work-around traffic.

Here is what we learned:

The northbound on ramps and off ramps at Colorado and Interstate 35 will be closing in late March. Flemming, which is closed now, will open before those exits close. The detour for Colorado will be at Jefferson/Eighth Street.

The Margaret McDermott Bridge, which is part of Interstate 30 that will span from Beckley to Riverfront and is under construction now, will have separated bike lanes to take us from Beckley to Riverfront. Now if we could just get bike lanes on Beckley and Riverfront…

East Kessler residents say they already are weary of road construction.

To cross the river, they must choose between Sylvan Avenue, which road crews have taken to two lanes at best; Colorado Boulevard, also down to two lanes, to Interstate 35 or the Jefferson Viaduct; or they can hop on six-lane Beckley Avenue, which most people do. Neighbors say traffic on Beckley has increased tremendously with all the construction.

Add to that noise pollution from the I-30 construction.

“Hey, I’m all for progress,” says Linda Young of East Kessler. “It’s just noisy.”