Coombs Creek Trail

Coombs Creek Trail on Kessler Parkway

Several major projects within the Trinity River Corridor are set to open in June — the Continental pedestrian bridge, the Sylvan Avenue bridge, the Trinity Skyline Trail and the West Dallas Gateway. There’s a big event to mark the occasion June 15.

But just south of the river, we have a couple of small, neighborhood trail extensions on the books. The Coombs Creek Trail was Oak Cliff’s first hike-and-bike trail that opened in 2009 and runs along Kessler Parkway from Junior Dr. to the tennis courts on the north side of Stevens Park golf course. The city plans to extend the trail on both the east and west ends, says transportation planner Jared White, but it will take several years.

White says they’ll start with the east side, connecting Coombs Creek to the bike lanes planned along Beckley from I-30 to Commerce and to the Calatrava bridge no. 2, the Margaret McDermott Bridge . The Coombs Creek extension won’t come to fruition until the bridge is complete in 2017. On the west side, designs are underway to extend the Coombs Creek Trail to Hampton, although funding for the construction has not yet been secured.

Down in Elmwood, residents soon will be able to hike or bike along Rugged Road from Mountain Lake Road to Kiest Park, a connection not too far from the Elmwood Parkway Trail, which opened in the summer of 2012. The city is in the design stage, and the 2012 bond-funded trail could be open by 2015 or 2016.

Overview of Trinity Corridor transportation update from City of Dallas

Overview of Trinity Corridor transportation update from City of Dallas