End of the line

Reader Steve Bonner sent us the above picture of the old Seventh Streetcar line, which he says he rode “out of and into OC until they stopped running in early 1956.”

The photo is looking north toward Kings Highway. “The truck down on the right was servicing a 7-Eleven that was there at the ‘Y,’ ” Bonner says.

Bonner took the below picture last year when construction on Bishop Avenue exposed the old streetcar lines.

Here is his description of the line:

“It came across the Trinity on the streetcar viaduct and got on Colorado down by Lancaster and went on Colorado to Bishop and south on Bishop to 7th Street.  When the streetcar got to Davis it did not have to jog around to get to 7th as it had it’s own right-of-way for the one block from Davis to 7th [Editor’s note: It crossed where the old El Padrino taco stand is now].  Then the streetcar went west on 7th Street to Edgefield and then north on Edgefield to Kings Hwy. which was the end of the line and then went back the same route.”

The $58-million Oak Cliff Streetcar from Union Station to Methodist hospital is expected to open in about a year.