safety glass buildingChef Jon Stevens, whose Stock & Barrel is set to open in Bishop Arts at the end of April, released some details of his new restaurant.

The 2,800-square-foot restaurant, in the former Safety Glass building, will feature “an oasis like, dog friendly patio” and a 14-seat kitchen counter where diners can watch the action in the kitchen.

“I’ve long felt the rotisserie is vastly underutilized in today’s best kitchens,” Stevens says in a media release.

Suckling pig, bone-in rib roasts and exotic fowl will be slow roasting on the spit, he says.

Stevens also is planning “hand cut pastas as well as some of my more popular dishes like baked eggplant and goat cheese dumplings.”

An entire section of the menu will be dedicated to “the art of fried potatoes,” Stevens says. “French fries are a comfort food for me, and I’ve developed a menu above and beyond sweet potato and shoestring options with different sauces to mix and match with each offering.”