The former Mama Connie's cafe at 1619 N. Beckley

The former Mama Connie’s cafe at 1619 N. Beckley

Jonathon and Christine Erdeljac of Jonathon’s cafe have leased the former Mama Connie’s cafe at 1619 N. Beckley for a new restaurant, Kessler Park Eating House.

The Erdeljacs are completely renovating the restaurant’s interior, starting with asbestos abatement next week, and plan to add a dining patio.

Kessler Park Eating House will not be a diner, Jonathon Erdeljac says. He describes it as an “upscale greasy spoon.”

And it won’t be the same as Jonathon’s, which is less than a mile away.

“I can tell you that chicken and waffles won’t be on the menu,” he says. “We want it to complement Jonathon’s, not compete with it.”

So far, he reveals that he’s planning house-made noodles, a brunch menu that highlights Johnny cakes, and soft-serve ice cream, including “adult malts,” such as white Russian and buttery nipple.

Jonathon Erdeljac says that when he and his wife/business partner originally opened Jonathon’s three years ago, they had wanted to lease this space, which is a former Pitt Grill restaurant.

“The bank wouldn’t let us,” he says.

The Erdeljac’s hope to have Kessler Park Eating House open by the end of summer.