Photo by David Leeson

Photo by David Leeson

A public hearing to discuss the proposal for a special purpose district in the area surrounding Jefferson Boulevard is set for Thursday, at the City Plan Commission’s 1 p.m. meeting.

The proposal sets standards for parking, lighting, how sidewalks may be used and what businesses are acceptable.

Here is a mission statement from the proposal:

To provide for the development of medium density retail, office, and/or multifamily residential uses in combination on single or contiguous building sites; to encourage innovative and energy conscious design, efficient circulation systems, the conservation of land, and the minimization of vehicular travel; to protect and maintain the characteristics of the existing urban form; and to promote pedestrian activity while providing guidelines to ensure compatible new development and renovation on Jefferson Boulevard.

Live/work spaces, boutique hotels and places that sell alcohol would be allowed. Pawnshops and automotive businesses not already there would not be allowed to open in the future.

The full proposal is below.

Jefferson Rezoning Draft