Jefferson rezoning hearing Thursday

Photo by David Leeson
Photo by David Leeson

A public hearing to discuss the proposal for a special purpose district in the area surrounding Jefferson Boulevard is set for Thursday, at the City Plan Commission’s 1 p.m. meeting.

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The proposal sets standards for parking, lighting, how sidewalks may be used and what businesses are acceptable.

Here is a mission statement from the proposal:

To provide for the development of medium density retail, office, and/or multifamily residential uses in combination on single or contiguous building sites; to encourage innovative and energy conscious design, efficient circulation systems, the conservation of land, and the minimization of vehicular travel; to protect and maintain the characteristics of the existing urban form; and to promote pedestrian activity while providing guidelines to ensure compatible new development and renovation on Jefferson Boulevard.

Live/work spaces, boutique hotels and places that sell alcohol would be allowed. Pawnshops and automotive businesses not already there would not be allowed to open in the future.

The full proposal is below.

Jefferson Rezoning Draft

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  • Wake up and smell the latte! This is just propaganda to gentrify this part of Oak Cliff that’s already happening to Bishop Arts. I’m not saying this is all bad because investment in this area is good if done properly. The downside is you could lose the entire heart and soul of this historic latino neighborhood and relegate it to a tourist attraction for the BMW crowd.

  • I strongly agree with this new proposal. Why? Even though I’ve lived in Dallas (Oak Cliff area) I never did like that area. First of all, all of those Quincenera stores have to go; basically that the whole street. It also has no consistency in its Architectural value some stores are hot pink, others lime, and yellow. I try to understand the theme, but there is no consistency. It really doesn’t give a Good Impression. There are some peices of Arcitecture that should be preserved though, like the theater, the Modern Mexican Inspired building passing Fiesta. I am for this 100%.

  • Such hurtful comments on here, with a HUGE racist undertone. I love this part of Oak Cliff because it actually has culture & vibrancy. It’s so different from other snootier places in Dallas & keeps it real, without moving minorities to the background like some sort of nuisance.

    Maybe we should take a tip from Minneapolis’ Lake Street. Latino businesses that received storefront improvement grants from the City helped vitalize and make Lake Street safer when people wanted to tear them down & put up high end boutiques and hotels. Shame on Dallas…

  • All the comments below make my heart hurt. I was raised in Oakcliff and just moved back after 10 years. I’m surprised people feel this way. I love this part of Oakcliff, maybe a few improvements here and there, but you guys are talking about mall-f***ing this place. Getting rid of the quincenera shop where I bought my handmade quince dress. I guess things just keep changing.

  • I would like to see less repetition and more varied shops and restaurants: an Indian restaurant, crepes, clothing stores that had quality, Eco friendly wear and that gave discounts to bike users would be appreciated.

  • I can see a a green grocer, florist, nice bakery and maybe an ice cream parlor,and little coffee shops to meet friends in the evening after as show at the Texas Theater.. I have walked parts of Jefferson and I can imagine the stores renovated and used by the neighborhood every day. I thik apartments would be a great idea.


  • Just from this picture you could remove the parking meters, limit the number of street parking spots, chip away the awful 70’s plaster then restore the original brick facade and taking down the tacky awnings and the burglar bars would go a long way.
    Also it wouldn’t hurt to add the pre-paid phone cards/wireless and cash advance stores to those not allowed.

  • And replace them with what, N9NE Steakhouse, Nove Italiano and a bunch of overpriced clothing stores? That worked wonders for Victory Park.

  • What about limiting the quinceanera dress shops to zero? That would go a long long way.

  • I think a boutique hotel would do very well on Jefferson. It would complement the Texas Theatre, Small Brewpub and the apartments at Jefferson Tower.

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