From Wikimedia commons

From Wikimedia commons

Know of an abandoned, rundown house in our neighborhood that just needs to be razed? Turn your attention to Operation Crackdown, by which Texas Army National Guard will come to Dallas in September “to demolish vacant, substandard structures for the benefit of the property owner as part of their mission to reduce crime and blight in our neighborhoods.”

The City of Dallas is employing the public’s help in identifying qualified structures, Dallas’ assistant city attorney and Northeast’s community prosecutor Amanda Lynn Chase recently announced in an email. Operation Crackdown has plowed through town before, but this is the first time they are allowing the public to make recommendations.

In order to qualify for teardown (at no cost to the owner), a home must be vacant and substandard, in most cases it will be a single-family home, it is a property that attracts crime/drugs, and the owner must agree to the demolition (he she maintains ownership of the property).

OK – do you have your blighted property in mind? Submissions are due Friday (July 11). Email them to Anica Lazarin at and write Operation Crackdown in the subject line. Include the address and name/contact information (where possible) of the property owner.

The demolition dates for qualifying properties is Sept. 8-19.