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With all the rezoning and redevelopment going on in our neighborhood, one new business reminds us why Oak Cliff is still so … Oak Cliff.

The Collector’s Crypt is a boutique on Zang at Eighth specializing in the horror genre.

Andrea Jennings and Kathy Maloy opened the Collector’s Crypt about two weeks ago after months of renovating a small house that previously had been used by squatters and had suffered a couple of fires.

photoIf you can get past the startle of a 6-foot zombie mannequin that greets you around one corner, among other mild frights, the shop is downright adorable.

Jennings and Maloy have decades of experience in the resale business. They owned Metro Retro in Lakewood and Pop Logic on Lower Greenville. More recently, the Oak Cliff residents have been collecting horror memorabilia — movie posters, toys, costumes, etc. And they create their own collectible things, including “Nightmare Before Christmas” cake toppers for the goth bride in your life and other handmade crafts.

photo 5“I don’t want to sound like I’m tooting our own horn, but we make really cute things,” Jennings says.

They often have booths at horror conventions, including Texas Frightmare Weekend, and they finally decided to open their own permanent shop close to home.

Along with everything horror related, the shop also carries vintage records for $3 each as well as second-hand books.

The shop has not yet gained approval from the city for a sign. So business hasn’t been what it should be, Jennings says.

Therefore, we’re just going to come right out and say it: the very Oak Cliff Collector’s Crypt needs you, Oak Cliff. They’re at 321 N. Zang, and they’re open Thursday-Sunday, although if you call Andrea Jennings at 214.701.6765, she will meet you over there. Go check it out, and buy something.