Rose Garden Remake: Photo by James Coreas


Kelly Wiley opened her second-hand store on West Davis 16 years ago.

Now known as Rose Garden Remake, (835 West Davis Street) its mission to help formerly incarcerated women continues.

When David Spence bought the building in the 800 block of West Davis, he asked Wiley to move from an enormous corner space into a smaller space in the middle of the block.

14.12.11-OC-The-Rose-Garden-James-Coreas5She says it was one of the best things that ever happened to her business. The move forced her to get rid of things she didn’t need or that weren’t working for the business. The new space is fresh and clean and more orderly than the old one.

The shop is tied to a charity, 2000 Roses Foundation, which helps women coming out of jail to find housing, job training and education opportunities. The women who live in the foundation’s partner shelters work in the shop as part of their job training, and they have mentors who have gone through the program before them.

“We’re making sure everybody is supported,” Wiley says.

Women who work in the store also make candles, clothing, pillows and jewelry to sell.

“I love what I do,” Wiley says. “As long as it’s something that I love and still have a passion for, it just drives you.”

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