Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 10.44.18 AMSorry for that headline, but we just wanted you to know that April Swartz-Larson, a McKinney High School senior, is sharing her story as part of Oral Fixation at the Texas Theatre next week.

Swartz-Larson was elected homecoming queen in October, and yes, she is a lesbian.

Oral Fixation, the true story-telling event produced by actress Nicole Stewart, already has sold out its Dec. 8 date at the Wyly Theater. But tickets are still available for an encore of performances on the theme “Outside the Box” at the Texas Theatre Wednesday, Dec. 10. Tickets cost $15.

Other stories in the 80-minute show include “a once-straight-now-lesbian gal talking about her open marriage, a Black Power fugitive discussing his exile in West Africa in 1969, a hysterical high school romp, and more.”