newsThe Texas Department of Transportation wants to create toll lanes on Interstate 67 and Interstate 35 south of downtown. Not surprising, no one at a meeting about it this week was in favor of that plan. More community meetings on the topic are expected.

Y’all, I grew up reading Steve Blow. I’ve defended him. But his recent column calling the Trinity toll road “the smartest answer to a serious need” is seriously out of touch. Also, just when you think the newspaper editorial board’s voice might be coming around to the reality of Dallas, they publish this sorry argument for the toll road. Or rather, against the anti-toll road sentiment in our neighborhood. By the way, they’re also gung-ho on the Keystone XL pipeline.

County Commisioner John Wiley Price, a resident of the Lake Cliff Park Historic District, who is facing federal criminal charges, wants the feds to pay for his attorney.

Signs and wonders: A group of Republicans is suing Dallas County for discriminating against whites.