photo by Scott Dorn

photo by Scott Dorn

Ravens Pharmacy on Jefferson Boulevard is for lease, as we mentioned this week. But do not panic, Oak Cliff. The iconic raven sign is not going anywhere.

It’s part of what makes the building so special, says Daniel Rivas, who bought the building last year with two of his partners at Centennial Real Estate.

“It will not be removed under any circumstances,” Rivas says. “We appreciate that it’s a landmark. It adds to the character of the neighborhood and the character of the boulevard.”

The partners have told anyone interested that the sign cannot be removed.

So far, interest has been all over the board.

Owners of a donut shop, a pharmacy, medical and dental clinics, a cigar shop, restaurant upstarts and a cellphone store all have called on the property.

Rivas says he would love to turn the building into a neighborhood restaurant, but converting a building to a restaurant could be cost prohibitive.

But to reiterate, anyone who wants the building has to live with the sign.

“It’s a nonstarter if you want to talk about doing anything with that sign,” he says.