A bacon/rice crispy treat ice cream sandwich from Carnival Barker's: Photo via facebook

A bacon/rice crispy treat ice cream sandwich from Carnival Barker’s: Photo via facebook

Whatever time you’re craving ice cream this week, Carnival Barker’s has got you.

The ice cream shop’s owner, Aaron Barker, opened his new shop and headquarters at Jefferson Tower this week. And he’s not leaving.

Barker, who moonlights as a punk-rock guitarist, is living at his little shop for the next week.

carnivalbarkersIn the back of the shop, he has a cot and some bedding, a laptop and a couple of guitars to keep himself entertained when not making delicious treats for you and me. He says he has to go home for about an hour each day to take a shower and feed his cats. But someone will be there to man the shop during his brief absences.

The stunt is a “good faith gesture to Oak Cliff,” he says. “I’m going to be here for them.”

The shop, which has only a walk-up window and a table outside, is about 400 square feet, but Barker says it’s more than twice the size of his original spot at the Truck Yard off Lower Greenville. The new space has more freezers, more counter space and more room for production to “make all the ice cream dreams come true.”