local juice

Local Press + Brew, an organic juice bar and coffee shop, opened on Beckley at Greenbriar this week.

Its owners are neighborhood residents Ben Johnson and Tiffany Vance. They make organic juices and nut milks using as much local produce as possible. Specialties include the OC, which has beets, carrots, green apple, orange and turmeric.

Johnson, a retired cop, says he’s been making that blend of juice for years. He and Vance, a photo shoot producer, have been healthy eaters all their lives, and their mothers got them onto juicing when they were kids.

photo 1-1Local also offers Holy Kombuca and Noble Coyote cold brew on tap, as well as Noble Coyote pour-overs and specialty drinks. Their signature coffee is the shaken espresso; it’s a shot of espresso mixed with their housemade chai, a blend of cashews, hazelnuts and almonds.

Their shop, adjacent to Urban Acres, is adorable, and they designed the interior themselves. They plan to keep a rotating stock of work by local artists, and the coffee bar has an outdoor walk-up window. They are open every day, 7 a.m.-7 p.m., and they currently are hiring two or three employees.