Kessler Park steps: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Kessler Park steps: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Here are the Oak Cliff headlines you should know about:

Kessler steps update

The Dallas Morning News ran a very thorough story about the Kessler steps. Neighbors have raised about $7,000 toward the effort of restoring the steps, whose ownership, at least partly, is contentious.  Most of the pedestrian passageway between Edgefield and Canterbury is a public easement owned and controlled by the city. But a privately conducted survey found that at least part of it is privately owned.

More from the story, on financing a restoration:

A November 2014 memorandum from Assistant City Manager Mark McDaniel estimates the cost for materials only for a partial reconstruction of the stairway to be about $108,000. The project could go up to $179,000 for a private contractor to fully reconstruct the path. This is without additional amenities such as historic lights and wrought iron fencing, which would push it to about $308,000.

Griggs noted the cost assumes an Americans with Disabilities Act waiver from the state. Going without a waiver could triple the cost.

Interstate 30 changes

We hope you didn’t get mixed up in the reconfiguration of Interstate 30 and I-35 exits this weekend. Drivers now must stay in the right two lanes to exit I-35 or Riverfront. Stay in the left lanes for I-30.

Preservation update

The old Dallas High School in Downtown, which a developer bought last month, has tenants. International architecture firm Perkins + Will and engineering firm WSP USA have agreed to lease office space there once it is habitable.

Crime news

Two men abducted a woman from her home on West Ninth, near the Bishop Arts District, Wednesday. The woman was released and called police from a store about 15 miles away.

A hit-and-run driver plowed into a woman’s stroller as she was crossing the street near Winnetka and Canty last week. Her children, a 5-year-old and a 7-month-old received minor injuries.

The Dallas City Council should take the opportunity to address the dangerous problem of loose dogs in southern Dallas.

High school football

Channel 8 covered the “Oak Cliff super bowl.” Two Oak Cliff football rivalries claim that game: Adamson vs. Sunset and Kimball vs. Carter.