It was difficult to resist putting an exclamation point on that headline because this is exciting.

Bbbop Seoul Kitchen, the fast-casual Korean food concept from Steve Shin and Sandra and Greg Bussey, opens its newest location at 828 W. Davis on Monday, Dec. 14.

The is the third Bbbop and the biggest. It has a large outdoor patio in back with a bocce ball court, and in front, there’s a to-go window for fried chicken. The partners also are making the West Davis shop its “R&D” kitchen, which means they will test new items on an R&D menu that will change frequently. If an item goes over well in Oak Cliff, it could find its way onto the menus of the other locations, on Lower Greenville and Upper Greenville.

This is a family business. Steve Shin and Sandra Bussey are brother and sister, and Greg Bussey is Sandra’s husband.

“Greg and I live in Oak Cliff and have been eyeing this building for a long time,” Sandra Bussey says. “We felt there was an opportunity for more ethnic food but also affordable dining in our neighborhood.”

Steve and Sandra were raised in Dallas by Korean parents and inspired by a trip to South Korea in 2001. They describe Bbbop as “Korean comfort food with a modern twist, a Korean-American eating experience.”

All photos by Mario Zie.