For $11.5 million, you could buy your own massive ranch in the Oak Cliff area.

“It’s the largest contiguous piece of land [on the market] within the Dallas city limits,” says real estate broker Greg Trout of Clark Real Estate Group.

This 420-acre parcel currently on the market is just outside our neighborhood, on Mountain Creek Parkway. If you’re not familiar, it’s near Mountain Creek Lake, which serves what must be one of Texas’ most beautiful hydroelectric power plants. Also in the neighborhood is megachurch The Potter’s House, Dallas Baptist University, the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery and the police gun range.

It’s about 10 miles from Bishop Arts and 9 miles to Cedar Hill State Park. Mountain View College is less than 5 miles away.

The property was part of a larger parcel, part of which was developed with industrial warehouses. This portion doesn’t lend itself to industrial because of the hills. It has over 200 feet of elevation change.

This is raw land. There are no water, sewer or power lines, but think of all the hippie things you could do with it. Build your own private mountain-bike trails. Host a rainbow gathering. Raise cattle as pets. Start a wilderness cult. The list goes on.

Actually, Trout says, it wouldn’t be that expensive “in the scheme of things” to bring water, sewer and power onto the site.

“It’d be great for homes or a park or somebody wanting a ranch in the city,” he says. “Once you get in the middle of it, it’s like being 150 miles away.”

Check out this virtual tour of the property.