becker house

Photo courtesy of Shaun Stewart

Advocate reader Shaun Stewart sent us the above photo, which he says is his great-grandmother’s farmhouse, which was on Beckley at Davis, where El Corazon de Tejas is now. Here’s a photo of his relative, whose maiden name was Becker.


Photo courtesy of Shaun Stewart

The building that now houses Corazon was built in 1940 as a supermarket, Wyatt Food Store (see image below). The Wyatt company had about 25 grocery stores in Dallas starting in 1931, but this was one of the few built from the ground up. Stewart says his great-grandfather worked on construction of the building.

It later became a Wyatt’s Cafeteria, then El Chico, then Tejano Restaurant before its transformation a few years ago.



Image courtesy of the Dallas Morning News Historical Archives