An Elvis impersonator at El Ranchito: Photo by James Coreas

An Elvis impersonator at El Ranchito: Photo by James Coreas

We are devoted to Norma’s Cafe and a night out at El Ranchito, but we also appreciate the perfect cup of coffee from Davis Street Espresso and an edgy arrangement from Dirt Flowers. We are Oak Cliff, and we are fiercely loyal to classics while appreciating the innovators in our neighborhood, which was made apparent in the annual Advocate Best Of Contest.

While other contests focus on the entire city, ours looks only at the Best Of our neighborhood. It highlights the places and spaces that are beloved by our readers, not some corporate marketing team, and it shows what we value as a community.

For a great burgers, Oak Cliffers cast the most votes for Hunky’s, which has become a Bishop Arts District mainstay over the past 10 years or so. But they also up voted the classic Wingfield’s as well as Dallas’ own Burgesa Burger, with its Tex-Mex twist on an American classic.

When it comes to taking care of our bodies, Oak Cliff voted for innovators. Inspire Fitness Dallas, a new personal training gym on Zang at Beckley won top votes. Two more personal training gyms, the Sweat Shop and Oak Fit, also won a lot of votes.

For the best live-music venue, it’s the instant classic The Kessler Theater, whose presence has added depth to the Dallas music scene since it opened about five years ago. The Foundry, with its massive beer garden and stage made of pallets, also drew votes, along with the timeless Texas Theatre.

See the full list of winners here.