Mesa is expected to open its second location, in Grapevine, Nov. 7. The menu will be similar to that of the Jefferson Boulevard location, but it will have a few signature dishes and cocktails of its own. At 6,000 square feet, the restaurant will be about three times the size of the Jefferson location, and co-owner Raul Reyes does much of the interior carpentry himself.

Houndstooth, the new coffee shop at Sylvan Thirty, expects to open an adjacent bar on Friday, Oct. 21. The bar, Jettison, is hosting a series of pop-up dinners in the new space in the weeks leading up to the opening. Find the schedule and ticket information here.

Oddfellows has hired chef Anastacia Quiñones, who recently updated the dinner menu with an arabica-crusted steak, mussels and fries, seared salmon and pimento deviled eggs, among other dishes. Perennial favorites, including the buffalo mac and cheese, are still on the menu. Earlier this year, partners Amy Cowan, Jason Roberts, and Amanda Pounds “procured the interest of their fellow partners,” including Eno’s founder Matt Spillers.