The idea to put nearly 6 miles of paved trails between the levees came from former City Councilwoman Angela Hunt and then-first termer Scott Griggs, back in 2012.

Oak Cliff Trails (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Oak Cliff Trails (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

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They found the funding for it and most of it was built, but there is about a one-mile stretch that is contingent on the completion of the Horseshoe project next year.

Once the Texas Department of Transportation completes that project, which connects interstates 35 and 30, the Skyline Trail will be complete, and it could be a major player in the Dallas trail system.

Dallas is working with the City of Irving to connect the Skyline Trail to Irving’s Champion Trail as part of a plan to build a bike superhighway between Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Skyline Trail would become part of The Loop on one end with a connection to the Design District’s Trinity Strand Trail.

The Strand would connect to the Katy Trail with a $20-million, one-mile bridge from the east levee to the Katy Trail. That bridge, traversing Interstate 35 and the Dallas North Toll Road, would be extremely complicated, involving the state transportation department, the North Texas Toll Authority and Dallas Area Rapid Transit, among other bureaucracies.

The Katy Trail, in the next year or so, will connect to the SoPac Trail, another former railway right-of-way, and then White Rock Lake.