taqueria cordova

This 75-year-old building on Singleton Boulevard features a full kitchen, a wall of beverage coolers and a few picnic tables inside.

The 2,175-square-foot building is constructed of stucco-covered masonry and includes a sick mural of Ralph Wiggum.

It can be yours for $1.25 million.

taqueria cordova

This is an old building on the former Eagle Ford Road, an old West Dallas relic adjacent to Trinity Groves. There is no height limit to the zoning in that area, where “the sky is the limit.” This building’s value is in the dirt.

We’re happy to report this isn’t a story of big developers running out small businesses — Taquería Cordova has been in business for nearly 15 years. Its owner also owns the building. She told the Dallas Morning News in 2012 she’d sell it for $1 million.