Centre Living Homes’ Colvin Court townhomes in Oak Lawn went on the market less than a year ago and already have sold out.

A Dallas-based developer wants to build 62 new townhomes in Stevens Park Village.

Centre Living Homes is asking for a zoning change for a tract on Fort Worth Avenue between Colorado and Walter.

City Councilman Scott Griggs broke down the rezoning proposal point-by-point, which you can find below. The proposal is asking to allow “single-family structures to be detached,” which would allow separate homes with a shared driveway.

Centre Living president Trevor Brickman says attached townhomes are the plan for now.

The company doesn’t yet have solid plans for the property, Brickman says. But the firm has several other townhome projects in Dallas, and they “put design first,” he says.

The property is directly across the street from the bygone Colorado Place Apartments, where Lincoln Property Co. is planning 300 new apartments.

Here are the zoning change requests, via Griggs:

* Allow single family structures to be detached.
* Allow a minimum separation of 5 feet between groups of six single family attached structures instead of 15 feet for groups of eight.
* Delete the maximum setback (build-to requirement) along Colorado Boulevard & Walter Drive. Retain the maximum setback (15 feet for 60% of lot width) along Ft. Worth Avenue.
* Modify the restriction on garage doors facing a front lot line to only apply to the first 50 feet of Ft. Worth Avenue, but maintain the restriction on Colorado Boulevard & Walter Drive.
* Reduce side yard setback (which is along the alley for this property) from 20 feet to 5 feet since alley access will not be used.
* Remove the floor area ratio limitation for single family uses.
* Reduce the maximum height from 50 feet to 42 feet+12 feet for roof slopes. Maintain RPS.
* Allow for up to 62 single family units in a shared access plat with a minimum of two driveways.
* Delete the slipstreet street section in Exhibit 714F (page 9 & 18) and allow for the curb cuts on Colorado Boulevard and Walter Drive to be other than their current location.
* Modify architectural design standards for single family uses to only apply to the first 50 feet along Ft. Worth Avenue and make clarifications for provisions that do not apply to single family uses.