How and why we choose the schools our children attend is difficult to quantify, but the results of our choices are evident when Dallas ISD compiles its demographic snapshots. These numbers come from the district’s reports to the Texas Education Agency and from its Campus Demographic Data Book.

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Homeowners in Oak Cliff have a reputation for choosing Rosemont Elementary, magnet schools or opting out of DISD entirely. Here’s the breakdown of students in a given elementary school zone who attend private or home school vs. their neighborhood school.

private or home school versus their neighborhood public DISD school. Rosemont, Hogg, Botello, Stevens Park, Kahn, Bowie, Reagan, Winnetka. 45.2% of students zoned to Hogg Elementary in Kidd Springs opt for private or home school, the only instance in our neighborhood where this number outweighs the students who opt to attend their neighborhood school.

1,112 students are zoned to Stevens Park Elementary, though only 643 students, or 57.8%, opt to attend the school.

62% of Hogg Elementary’s campus is used by its 287 students, making it the emptiest of all of Oak Cliff campuses; 95% of Winnetka Elementary in South Winnetka Heights is in use, thanks in part to the 268 students who transfer into the school and comprise nearly 1/3 of its enrollment.

Studies show that a school’s socioeconomic diversity can be a strong indicator in how its students perform academically. How do Oak Cliff schools stack up?

socioeconomic diversity of Oak Cliff Elementary Schools Rosemont, Kahn, Reagan, Stevens Park, Winnetka, Hogg, Botello, Bowie

Grenier Middle School and Greiner Arts Academy share a campus, but the 622-student magnet is more diverse ethnically than the 1,621-student traditional school.

diverse ethnically; ethnic diversity of Grenier Middle School and Greiner Arts Academy