Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The creative geniuses behind the Texas Theatre are working to bring their neighbor, Top Ten Records, into a new era, and we all can be a part of it.

They’re renovating the store and have plans to update the stock and merchandise, turning it into a modern boutique record store. But their goals also include turning Dallas’ oldest record store into a clearinghouse of sorts for Texas film archives. A streaming service is in the works for films found in the archives at SMU, UNT and elsewhere. That streaming service as well as a tangible lending library will be available to anyone taking part in Top Ten Records’ membership program.

Top Ten Records, a new nonprofit created by the guys behind the Texas Theatre and the Oak Cliff Film Festival, is trying to raise $40,000 for the Top Ten Records project. They’re accepting money through Indiegogo, and donations from $9-$500 include perks. A $99 donation buys a one-year membership to Top Ten Records. And $200 buys your own curated section inside the store for one year, so you can share your musical and cinematic tastes with all of Oak Cliff.

Besides that, a couple of fundraising parties are planned. The first one is from 2:30-5 p.m. Sunday, March 5, at the record store. It’ll be Mike Polk appreciation day. Polk is a former employee of original Top Ten owner Dub Stark. He bought the shop in 1978 and ran it every day until recently. KNON DJs Daniel Boom, Reid Robinson, and Charlie Don’t Park will have the tunes, and Small Brewpub will provide free beer.