Greg Barker. Photo by Kim Leeson

If Patina Bleu sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a business that’s been around in Oak Cliff since 2003.

Interior designer Greg Barker started Patina Bleu in a space on Tyler at West Seventh (which later housed the original location for Oil and Cotton). When that building sold, he moved the whole operation into his adjacent warehouse, and the shop became by appointment only.

Now Patina Bleu is back. Barker saved up for five years to renovate the warehouse on West Seventh, and work has been underway for the past six months. The building needed new sewer lines and electrical work. They replaced every pane of glass in the mechanic shop’s windows, and they were working Tuesday to uncover two floor-to-ceiling window bays that have been boarded up for years.

The new Patina Bleu opens with a party from 7 p.m.-midnight Saturday, March 25. There will be a bar and snacks, plus a mariachi performance at 11 p.m.

Barker is an interior designer who also remakes or “Gregorizes” old furniture with upholstery, paint or using pieces of this to make one of those. He also makes lamps, paints fine art and arranges flowers.