Kidd Springs Pool
(Photo courtesy of the Dallas Municipal Archives)

The City of Dallas has been throwing some big money behind 70-year-old Kidd Springs Park.

Work could start later this year on a $4.5-million “aquatics center” to replace the pool. A $353,000 project recently repaired a 10-foot-deep underground culvert at the park.

There are plans to improve the dam and slow shoreline erosion at a cost of around $145,000.

And now uncapping the original spring and creating a stone water rill are on on the agenda. In the 1870s, the spring was described as “gushing from the side of a hill.” But it was capped with cement sometime in the 20th Century and lost for awhile.

But the city’s Park and Recreation Department found the source of the spring in a hillside near the swimming pool. It flows through a pipe and into the pond.

Plans for daylighting the spring call for removing the pipe and allowing water to flow from the spring into the pond via a rill.

The park department will bring those plans to a public meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 15 at the Kidd Springs Recreation Center.